bird walking. single pixel line drawing

Draw something else........

this is amazing breathtaking and a spectacular piece of work, i dream to one day draw like this!!


fantastic peice of art


alabama crqb dangle

it look like its been drawn by a toddler

u suck

this is a masterpiece and should be observed by millions in some fancy museum in Europe

it's a hand turkey of a person who lost all but their thumb in a landmine incident.

its u tucken

what is it a duck?

you all have mental probelms i mean realy get a life

papegaaienduiker :-)

i have absolutely no clue what the reason of this publication should be

aww me and my dad have this thing where like *The Bird Walks* means I Love You! we made it up when i was like 6..and we always say making him a fathers day card and looked up a picture of a bird walking. haha and heres wat i got! lol im gonna use it! xo -Kate-

y dont u f&cking people lay's kinda cute.

***K you! This s*** su***!

If this is a bird...I'm a chicken!

You suck at drawing!

Is THIS suppose to be a bird? HA HA HA...

I like the Bird picture! It is so COOL!

Oh, come on, it's experimental, experiential art.

humming bird

lol... who drew this im confused

This is a dolphin transformed not very successfully into a bird

well this is funny but i'm just confused 3/31/4

Aww....don't youi just want to take it home? *runs off into MOUNTAINS accompanied by TAPE RECORDER.* -Joey the magical pumpkin

keep on trying 2/25/04

great and funny.Just work on it

It's absulutely c*** can't you draw any better?! 16/2/01

crazy man did a ONE YEAR OLD draw it,it's rubbish!?!?!?!?2/16/04

it's hard to draw birds, don't worry, you'll do better as you draw more!!!!!!!!!! 2/3/04

fool 1/29/04

COOL 1/29/04

Great! 1/13/04

wait wait the dodo bird dont look like that!!!!! 1/8/04

what the f--- is that!!!lolz 1/4/04

it is very bad 12/30/03

it looks like a seagull 12/10/03

is this what i think iit is 12/03/03

That thing looks dead. 11/22/03

very cute 11/20/03

my bird die to day 10/25/03

nice bird!!!!!!!!!! 10/21/03

I think it was a very good picture.10/02/03

this is bad 9/25/03


can you draw a little bit better than that! 9/22/03

what the hell is it did a freakin two year old draw it?? 9/5/03

this is crap

your drawing is absaloutly s**t

i love snoopy

No, honestly - it's a nice bird - I like it.

My girlfriend says I have to take responsibility for the comments from now on. Okay, then. What is this? Anyway? A pelican with regrets?

I think this is brilliant work, I've tried it myself (not a bird) and it is HARD to get anywhere near the object it's supposed to look like. Very nice job.

It appears to be a dodo.