So we just handed them back. Very politely. Like, "Here, these are your's then."
We didn't know any better! How could we know? There's too much to learn. Too much culture.
NAFTA and McCain Feingold doing their act a Caroline's, sumi brushes

I'm four years old! NAFTA's seven! We're God damned toddlers!
That's another tricky area: the swearing.
We know the basics. We have the George Carlin CD.
And we hang out with teenagers. But in books we hear about the really good swearing.
As practiced by sailors.
And Ogres.
And Gods.
The advanced swearing.
The oaths that echo hideously through the hills and dales,
maming sheep,
killing children.
But never do we get examples.
Nary a one.
So it hasn't been easy. But tonight McCain-Feingold and I are proud to announce that our long hours of reasearch and structured drilling have paid off.
In spades.
We now swear at an expert level.
Observe. NAFTA is looking through the mail, looking through the mail, opening a letter, and... paper cut!

NAFTA gets a paper cut
AaaaAAAAaaaHHHH!! For the good, holy, loving mother of waiting for chips, with the wanting at high, of the waiting, the waiting when salsa is there but the for-the-chips waiting ends not, oh the bringing, no none, the neglecter, the bring-not-er, wait-caster, wanter that salsa be here and no chips

Hey. Hey, what's going on out here. What's all this foul, foul, foul--

NAFTA knocks over the mic stand, hitting McCain-Fiengold (the cat drawing) in the head.
no not one salty 
thing with a 
crunch with a cave
with concavity fit
for the filling 
with that which 
sits flat full 
portion pointless
good holy peppers
tomatoes you yes 
oniony flat sitting 
enacter of, 
enabler for served
up chopped, 
served, brought, 
sitting waiting, 
nothing, nothing 
but what can 
scoop, stab, not
what can scoop 
then be chewed up,
up with that which
is scooped up, no 
none but can't be 
both chewed and a
scooper, oh 
verified, oh 

of forking saints and tough 
steak cutting saints with the
left handed forking and the 
right handed knifing and the
never switching, never 
switching, never fork or 
knife switching saints of 
hands of forks that fork or
knives that cut, of the 
unreleased fork and the 
wood-handled, unreleased 
knife and the right and the
left, each a hand, each a 
grasper, each a not 
releasing cutting or forking
with to-the-mouth throughput
unpausing but chewing the 
thing forked up with left 
and forked, forked, forked,
forked with the left, cut, 
cut, cutting right hand 
forking never switching, 
retaining up to the broth 
with the small spoon, 
still no release of the 
knife and on you the broth
and the fork, the spoon and
the broth the second, 
on-you broth seconded, and 
broth proposed, pronounced.

Acknowledged and verified.
Broth fourth time and fifth time pronounced, submitted.
Acknowledged the fourth and fifth time. Fourth time verified and subsumed.
Submitted the fifth.
Pronounced the Sixth, the eighth, default submit on. Directed.
Default submit on. Verified the eighth, the sixth. Sequential off. Pronounced the fourth, the twelfth, the fourth. Redirect, the eighth.
Verified. Wavers the twelfth. Default ordinal on. Redirect four. Pronounced five, one, four, five.
Dual-up wavers twelve, wavers eleven. Denied one,four.
Default ordinal on.
Default ordinal on.
Bind one, four. Pronounced, directed, seven, niner. Directed four.
Verified, acknowledged, one, four. Verified seven, niner. Direct one, direct four, bind four, twelve, redirect five.
Default direct on. Pronounced fifteen.
Default direct on. Default pronounced on. Verified, acknowleded fifteen.
Default pronounced on. Default acknowledged on.
Default acknowledged on.