temporary layoffs works on a dune buggy temporary layoffs waits in front of house

Hey T.L.

parak approaches  
Hey Parak. I've got a suprise for you.

Oh yeah? What?

  parak and temporary layoffs converse I fixed your dune buggy.

I don't have a dune buggy.

Are you sure?

I'm pretty sure.

Then what's that thing in the garage?

What thing?

The metal thing.

With the green canvas?


That's a lawn chair.

error-file:TidyOut.log TL perplexed A lawn chair?

TL A lawn chair?

TL laughs A Lllaaawahaaa! Wahawooooo he he he! Ah hah har;wooooj--hahoosie! Haroo he ha ha hooo wa shoo buh lawwaha ha heeeeee!

My grandfather gave me that lawn chair. parak face

error-file:TidyOut.log TL sorrowful Oh. I'm really sorry. Maybe I can--

Just kidding. relief

error-file:TidyOut.log laugh Oooooooh?

error-file:TidyOut.log laugh Har!

laugh Har!

So did you really make it a dune buggy?

Yes I did.

Where'd you get the pistons and the intake manifold and so forth?

Well let's just say you need a new dishwasher, washer, dryer, aquarium pump, angelfish, dachshund...

Very funny.

Actually at Kragen.

error-file:TidyOut.log going in I got beans and stuff. You want to make chilly tonight?

Sounds good. And Maybe we can take the dune buggy to the quarry tomorrow.

Yeah. Maybe McCain-Feingold and Hay-sung and those guys would want to go.

Yeah, give 'em a call.