We found an apartment in SF. My computer wonít be out here for a week or two though, so no funny pictures for a while yet.

Thereís a nice little park with a basketball court behind our new place. I played some one-on-one there today. My opponent was relentless with the jumpers from downtown. You could drive on him though, no problem. He had a massive brace on one knee and the other knee was wrapped. He couldnít move laterally at all. You should have seen me drive on him. I asked if it was frustrating having the screwed up knees. He said, yeah, sometimes, but he said he was compensated somewhat by the romance of the damaged. Please explain, I said, and he said,

Well itís like this. Think about when you were ten and you had a few Hot Wheels but one of them had been blown up by an M80 so it was all blackened and wobbly. Which one was your favorite? The blown-up one, of course. Or think about when youíre ten and youíre watching a kung-fu movie and the guy in the green robe has half a dozen throwing stars embedded in his forehead but he continues to kick ass. Then heís got a spear sticking through him like a shish-kabob but he keeps on kicking ass. Of course youíre on his side. Youíre crazy about him. You want to marry him. Thatís the romance of the damaged. Itís a sense thatís strongest in 10 year-old boys but itís easily rekindled. So when your knees are shot and you canít move laterally, itís cool, because you are Green Robe Guy, continuing to kick ass despite horrendous damage. (swish)
He could hit like 90% from the 3-point line if you didnít stay right in his face. But like I said, you could drive on him at will so it made for a pretty stupid game. We switched to H-O-R-S-E after a while.