It's nice having NAFTA and Mickey and all those guys around.


It's like being a little kid.


What do you mean?

I mean when you're a kid you believe in all kinds of bizarre creatures but then as you get older they get whittled down until you're left with just the bigfoot and the sasquatch.

The bigfoot is the sasquatch

Oh yeah. I mean the Yeti. But pretty soon you decide those are phony too or you just forget about them because they never bring you anything.

They just take and take and take.

So you're left with people and animals and rocks.

And plants.

Right. And blue-green algea mats. But now we've got NAFTA and Mickey and TL and everyone and it's like...


Oh God yeah. It's god-awful annoying. No, That's mean.

Yes, that's mean. We kid. It's almost never annoying.

No. It's nice, as I was saying.

Like being a little kid.


Except when you want to get beer or something and NAFTA gives you that look.

Yeah, that's annoying but... understandable.

Yeah, I guess.