Hay-Sung interview. November 16, 2000. So Hay-sung... when did you first start wearing the big hats?

About six months ago.

NAFTA and Hay, sung.  In background dogs run after Mickey.

Ok. Um...what gave you the idea?

I don't know.

Ok. So how do you feel about all other big hats around. You seem to have started something of a craze.

Similar foreground. Dogs cornering Mickey.

So how do you feel about that?

Um...good I guess.

OK. you make all the hats yourself?

Sometimes.  Sometimes it's me and Allison. Sometimes other people. But my mom makes dresses and stuff, so we've always got fabric around and a sewing machine all that. So...

So you got started around six months ago. Is that right?

Something like that.
And what gave you the idea?
I don't know. Probably had to do with you.

Mickey (McCain Feingold) on a car. three dogs around him.


Yeah. Well not just you, but I mean you and Mickey and Farm Subsidies and all you guys. I mean when there's a giant bunny or a talking hammer or whatever in the seat next to you it kind of takes the thrill out of a daring pair of earrings. You're not gonna make a lot of jaws drop with an outlandish shade of nail polish.

So with me and my ilk around, the big hats are a way to compete for attention?

Yeah well that's one thing. Or one way of looking at it. But also it's just fun. I mean fabrics are fun. Clothes are fun but they're hard to make so they fit right. Well hats are hard too if you make 'em good but we don't care about that. We just throw 'em together and if they last a week that's cool. So there's the attention, sure, but also it's like having you guys around just sort of...changes things. I mean it's fun so why not. Why not put a bunch of junk on your head. Yeah, it's ridiculous, but the teacher's assistant is a forklift, so...

Mickey does his flash thing.

Dogs run away