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Slow down.


Something in the road. Slow down.

street scene with long legged thing in road.

street scene with long legged thing in the road

street scene with long legged angel in the road

Ask it what it wants.

Get the #%*& out of the road!

Oh! I'm sorry. But could you tell me is that west? Am I going west?

Yes, that's west. Where are you going? Are you going to People Plus?

Yes! It's that way, right?

Yes, but why don't you let us drive you. That's where we're going.

Oh, thank you, but I need to practice with these legs.

You shouldn't walk across the park alone.

Well... okay. Thank you.

Can you fit? I'll get the door. Oh, you fold up nicely, don't you!

You are like a transformer.

Yes. Yes I am.

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