I might go by the park.

Which park?

Carl Schurz.

Oh God, not Versailles again.

I want to thank him for the artificial larynx idea.

That was an accident.


And you know it'll just set him off again. He'll be like, "I told you! I told you you could talk if you wanted to you big cigarette butt with your grotesque little piglet friend!"

Sticks and stones.

Sticks and stones that sent you into three days of severe depression.

Three days of serene reflection.

Alone in a dark room.

Anyway, he may have been right about that. I mean why didn't I think of the larynx thing before?

It's not that obvious.

It's not that obscure either.

OK let's go then.

Let's finish this up first.


Actually, I should get the hat interview written up tonight. Let's go tomorrow.